Project Details

An environmental improvement project was undertaken in 2013 in order to help protect local wildfowl from feeding on the hazardous waste stored at this historic landfill site.

The lagoon attracts feeding birds, and we were aware that some birds were able to ingest some of the waste stored in the lagoon. We worked for some time on developing an appropriate solution that would help prevent birds ingesting wastes stored in the Rattlechain Lagoon as they feed and engaged a team of specialist environmental consultants, Environmental Resources Management (ERM), to support the project.

They designed a system which involved the installation of a ‘geotextile’ sheet – a type of synthetic fabric cover – which was placed on top of the levelled silt below the water surface and then covered with a heavy layer of sandy material. This is intended to provide a barrier between the waste and feeding birds.

Why was this method chosen?

Our aim was to help protect the wildfowl that visit the lagoon from the waste it contains. A number of options were considered in order to achieve this, and the installation of a barrier between the waste and feeding birds was chosen the most favoured technical solution.

Options to remove the waste or fill in the lagoon have been considered in the past but found to be significantly more complex and hazardous and potentially more disruptive to neighbours compared to the chosen method.

The improvement work, which took place over 10 months in 2013, was undertaken in eight separate phases. For information about the work, please click here.

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