Welcome to Rattlechain Lagoon, John’s Lane, Tividale

The Rattlechain Lagoon on John’s Lane, Tividale, has been managed as a hazardous waste landfill site for the last 60 years, although it ceased to accept further new waste in 2006. The waste is stored beneath a specialised geotextile membrane and crushed stone cover and the water contained within the lagoon.

This website was launched in 2013 to provide information on the environmental improvement works that took place during February to November that year. It is also used to provide ongoing updates which we believe may be of interest to neighbours. If you require any additional information or if you have any questions about activities at the Rattlechain Lagoon we welcome your queries. Visit the contact page for details about how to get in touch.

Please note that the Rattlechain Lagoon is a hazardous waste landfill site with an open body of water. For your own safety and that of others unauthorised access to the site is prohibited at any time. The site is surrounded by a metal fence, monitored by CCTV and regularly inspected by a security contractor in order that we can ensure the site remains safe and secure. In an emergency, or if you see any suspicious behaviour, please contact 0121 541 3314 or the Police.